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"Time is money�, this statement has never been truer, and time is indeed the most valuable resource. Accurate and efficient time and labor management is vital to any organization's success. Most companies do not really appreciate the losses that can occur without proper time and attendance accounting.
BioEnable Fingerprint Recognition Terminal (FRT) is a standalone biometrics fingerprint recognition based time attendance system with fast 1:N matching and TCP/IP networking capabilities
BioAccess is a compact standalone, low cost, fingerprint recognition based access control and time attendance terminal. BioAccess can store up to 2000 fingerprints making it suitable for homes, offices, and other access control applications.
NDL-100 is a fingerprint sensor embedded doorlock that makes up the week points of lost, robbery and forgetfulness when using an existing key, card and PIN.
It is the state of the art biometric system by adopting fingerprint technology, which has very excellent biometric security and user's convenience.



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