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Home Time Attendance Recorders


Biometrics eliminate the problems associated with password management by measuring human characteristics such as voiceprint, fingerprint, iris pattern, and facial contours, which are virtually impossible to duplicate and cannot be lost like traditional passwords. Biometrics make it more convenient for end-users to access their computer accounts, while maintaining a secure method of user authentication.
Issues in IT security:
  • Most IT security systems are vulnerable to password related problems.

  • Passwords are easy to compromise.

  • Most employees share their passwords or keep easy to guess passwords.

  • Passwords does not provide any physical data to track culprits.

    Biometrics Fingerprint recognition based solutions enable organizations to dramatically improve IT security, while reducing costs and simplifying the user experience.

  • Secure Fingerprint recognition based login to network, servers and workstations.

  • Fingerprint systems in combination with PKI cryptography technology provide foolproof solutions to most IT infrastructure security issues including data security, non-repudiation, confidentiality and data integrity.

  • Biometrics security systems bring owner more closer to his IT resources.

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