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Home Member or Visitor Management

  Most organizations manage their members by giving them a Photo Identity cards. This lead to following issues:
  • Members don't like to carry so many additional cards, hence most members do not carry cards and this undermine the complete purpose of investing in card management and issuing system.

  • Cards can still be misused as they can be easily transferred to other person.

  • There is no effective tracking of members, which could have provided important decision making information.

What can Biometrics Fingerprint based Member & Visitor Management offer you?

  • Control access to facilities and information

  • Avoid misuse of flexible membership packages

  • Track members effectively and analyze their pattern

  • Improve member retention

  • Reduce time and effort managing members/Visitors

  • Monitor effectiveness of membership packages

  • Manage resource allocation effective

  • Simplify and standardize daily operations

  • Instantly access member information

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TimeTronix Desktop Package

BioAccess (BAT-S-1000)

BioEnable FRT (WIN-S-5000)
TA2000 is a USB Optical Fingerprint scanner based Computer software (online) controlled low cost but robust Time Attendance, Membership & Visitor Management system. It offers fast 1:N matching and easy to use functions.
Standalone Fingerprint reader, 150 fingerprints, 1:1 matching
Standalone High-end TCP/IP, 1:N Matching Reader


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