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Home Web Authentication

Fingerprint authentication prevent your users from sharing their passwords.

  Now Fingerprint verification technology is available for integration with your ASP (Active Server Pages).
Fingerprint APIs are available as browser based Active X controls which automatically download from the web in real time and allow your users to login from any remote internet site equipped with Fingerprint scanner.
Features: Applications:
  • No need to download and install extra software, Active X control download automatically and start within the web browser

  • Full integration with ASP pages

  • Fully compatible with IE 5 & above

  • No extra programming required, just plug our samples code in your ASP pages

  • Regiatration as well as verification can happen remotely

  • Ready interfaces for password to fingerprint upgradation

  • Online Banking, Trading, B2B transactions

  • Verify your mobile staff before allow them to acces company servers remotely

  • Application Service providers
    E-commerce, e-Business etc.

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BioEnable FRT (WIN-S-5000)

BioAccess (BAT-S-1000)

Fingerprint Scanner
High-end Fingerprint Time Attendance cum Access control system with advanced TCP/IP networking, 1:N matching
Low cost Single Door Access Control system with Optical Fingerprint Scanner, 150 fingerprints capacity, Two relays for use in Offices, Server rooms, Cabins etc.
USB Optical Fingerprint Scanner with feature rich software for Time attendance, access control, visitor management, security desk etc.


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